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Re: MD5Sum mismatch

>>>>> "SP" == Simon Paillard <spaillard@debian.org> writes:
SP> How long is your download 'the update step' ?

Typically five minutes
# egrep '=|^F' /tmp/ppp-apt-get.log
============ starting Thu Jul 28 01:15:09 CST 2011
Fetched 351 kB in 25s (13.5 kB/s)
# stat /tmp/ppp-apt-get.log|grep Mod
Modify: 2011-07-28 01:20:49.911109772 +0800

SP> Could you please look at "netstat -pt" and give the IP concerned ?

It was hard to grab them. Something like
tcp        0    166 218-163-1-83.dyna:49883 prometheus.naquadah:www ESTABLISHED 6226/http
tcp        0    205 218-163-1-83.dyna:35402 ESTABLISHED 6243/http
tcp        0    264 218-163-1-83.dyna:47651 alioth.debian.org:www   ESTABLISHED 6237/http
tcp        0    835 218-163-1-83.dyna:44093 mirror.mycre.ws:www     ESTABLISHED 6252/http
tcp        1      0 218-163-1-83.dyna:44266 ftp-chi.osuosl.org:www  CLOSE_WAIT  6218/http
however note that this is today, long after the problem was resolved.

SP> I fear there is a transparent proxy, please configure No-Cache in apt:
SP> Acquire::http::No-Cache

# grep No- /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*
/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10jidanni:Acquire::http::No-Cache true; //564829

>> Simon, whenever I post my reports to debian-mirrors, nobody ever responds.
>> Whenever I post my reports to debian-devel, there is a immediate response.
>> I have no evidence my reports are seen when I post them to debian-mirrors.

SP> There is, see debian-mirrors archive.
SP> http://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors/2011/07/threads.html

Yes, see

>> OK, next time I'll post my next report to debian-devel and Cc: debian-mirrors.

SP> No need to spam -devel.

OK, but nobody including the Cc got/saw the above message.

The problem happens about once a week.
If you have a script you would like me to run next time it happens, I'll
run it and include the messages the next time it happens.

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