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Re: ftp.uk.debian.org rsync connection refused

On Fri, 24 Jun 2011, Nigel Brown wrote:

> We've[0] been getting 'connection refused' from this rsync server
> since a week ago.
> The debian mirrors list shows the status of rsync on ftp.uk.debian.org
> to be currently problematic.
> The DNS record may have changed (currently pointing to
> kassia-ftp.debian.org), but I can see no previous discussion of
> this on the debian-mirrors list. Please could the mirror maintainer
> take a look?

It was changed temporarily because debian.hands.com was experiencing
hardware problems.  The only service we consider when changing
ftp.XX.d.o hostnames around is http:///debian, not any rsync shares and
not any other archives that might be hosted on the same machine.

If you want to always rsync from Phil's machine maybe you should rsync
from debian.hands.com instead of ftp.uk.d.o.  But then of course that
will also not work when debian.hands.com is broken.

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