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Re: Outdated ISO mirrors commented (was: Upcoming release of squeeze,..)


On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 12:57:33AM +0900, Jaeho Shin wrote:
> I believe you guys are busy with Squeeze at the moment, but...

(and paid work as well..)

> While going through the mirrors list, I found some strange things regarding
> ours, ftp.kr.debian.org.
> First of all, [Debian Mirror Checker][1] is showing there's problem with our
> ftp, but doesn't provide a clue.  Strange thing is that it marked most of
> the other mirrors with the same error as ours. Maybe it's the checker which
> needs to be fixed.
> [1]: http://mirror.debian.org/status.html
I'm aware of this, it's sure a bug with the checker (once moved from a host to
another, though lwp keeps the same, weird).
(But that didn't cause that mail)
> Secondly, [CD mirrors list][2] is not displaying our http URL.
> No idea why it's been removed :-(
> [2]: http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/#mirrors

It was disable following this mail/test: the criteria was if the a request to
http://$mirror/debian-cd_path was successful within 10 seconds.

Maybe a transient http problem, entry enabled back.
> And a minor one.  We are a push triggered mirror and I believe we were
> already providing 5.0.8 when Simon shared the message below.
> Maybe the list was generated some hours or days ago?
> Our log says last sync was done around Jan 26 01:00 UTC:
> http://ftp.kaist.ac.kr/geoul/sync/2011/01/24/19:56:42.111598148.debian-cd.log.gz
> Where should we check to see if everything's OK now?  Not clear where "that
> list" is from the message.

Same problem/reply as above for this point I guess.

Thanks very much and best regards.

Simon Paillard

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