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Re: Backports mirror

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 04:57:43PM +0700, Chatchai Jantaraprim wrote:
> 	We (ftp.th.debian.org) have mirror backports for sometimes from
> backports.org using normal ftpsync script, but pull request instead of
> push one. The archive path we used was backports.org::backports.org.
> But since 20th Sep, that path was not work anymore. The only archive
> left as backports.org is backports.org::bpo-mirror. But that one need
> password to access.
> 	So, my question, if we would like to continue mirror backports,
> which site we can use, or to whome we should contact to get rsync
> mirror access.


You could be pushed from ftp.tw, ask Andrew.

Simon Paillard

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