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Romanian mirror problem


yesterday accessing romanian debian mirror (http://ftp.ro.debian.org/) I
found there are some problems:

For example opening with a browser the url:
I receive a 404 error message. In Italian mirror:
all seem to be ok (i switched to Italian mirror now).

In addition, but I don't know if it is linked with this problem, on my
server, who was using Romanian mirror, rkhunter showed me this message:

Warning: The file properties have changed:
         File: /usr/bin/wget
         Current hash: 93f49c7a918fc5155169566f03034ce3aa8586e3
         Stored hash : 2d5d175c449eecfda43401a7a66b8a369859524d
         Current inode: 107942    Stored inode: 106735
         Current size: 226324    Stored size: 226292
         Current file modification time: 1274021707
         Stored file modification time : 1255005510

I update my system daily and check my rkhunter every day, and this
happened in a few of days, while last update of wget package in Debian
lenny is from May 2010.

Can please someone check it?

Thank you
Michele Renda

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