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spurious entry in indices/md5sums.gz

The run of today at noon included this entry in indices/md5sums.gz:

873c0b8827b5655790799bb5cf3876ea  Archive_Maintenance_In_Progress

Of course it shouldn't be there. It seems to be caused by some race
condition or undue timing because it rarely happens. And no, I didn't
go look when I shouldn't; it was a pushed update.

Some time ago I also noticed that md5sums and/or ls-lR.gz was not
updated before mirrors were triggered. This caused havoc here and I
had to do a manual update. This is another symptom of problems in the
generation timing of these indices.

And this is before the dak overhaul... BTW, I'd suggest the overhaul
is an excellent time to take care of these issues :-)

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