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Re: ftpsync README rewrite

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Carlos Carvalho <carlos@fisica.ufpr.br> wrote:
> Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org) wrote on 17 September 2009 10:20:
>  >On 11874 March 1977, Lee Winter wrote:

> The problem with this approach is that it needs changes (non-trivial
> ones, btw) to rsync. That doesn't "catch" because mirrors change their
> versions very slowly. An example is that version 3 is much better but
> still not widely used.

I expect to change the upstream rsync and the scripts on both
machines.  So upgrading the downstream can happen at its own pace.

> The sender must still calculate checksums since it uses rsync (the rs
> in rsmir) but this is neglible nowadays.

I hope to eliminate that.

> The (by far) worst hit is the
> scanning of the entire distribution both on the client and server. And
> with ftpsync it's done twice! Oh no...

The doubling is an artifact.  I hope to provide a better form of
atomic update which will eliminate the need for two passes.  And the
file scan can be eliminated for the sender with a few tweaks to the
upstream rsync.

Once the file scan is unnecessary the checksums will be the remaining
burden, which will then be worth eliminating.

> rsmir doesn't do the scanning on either end, while still having
> the mandatory features of a debian mirror.

Where can I find rsmir?

> Most mirrors don't have problems, so they won't do any signficant
> change. Only the main mirrors and the master are hard pressed; they
> might change but without the others it won't help much.

While you may be right, I think the problems can be eliminated.  I
cannot think of any reason not to do so.

-- Lee

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