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Re: archive.debian.org: woody archive is incomplete

Hello Adam,

(An old unanswered mail to process :)

On Sat, Aug 18, 2007 at 01:40:42AM +0000, Adam Warner wrote:
> It does not appear that woody is correctly archived on 
> archive.debian.org. In subdirectory
> <http://archive.debian.org/debian-archive/dists/woody/>
> these files are missing according to a mirror I have located that still 
> appears to have some of the original content:
> <http://debian.ihug.co.nz/debian/dists/woody/>:
> [   ] ChangeLog               01-Jun-2005 08:17   2.3M

The ChangeLog is still mising on

> [   ] Contents-alpha.gz       01-Jun-2005 08:51   3.6M  
> [   ] Contents-sparc.gz       01-Jun-2005 08:42   3.5M  

These ones are present.

> The woody ChangeLog is the only public record of all the packages added 
> to each new woody revision and should be accurately preserved. 
> Unfortunately no revision ChangeLog specifies the filename of the package 
> being replaced so one cannot determine the filename (hence version 
> number) of packages in the initial release (Revision 0).

I looked after the woody changelog on http://release.debian.org/ as
well, without result.

Does someone know where this woody ChangeLog would be ?

Simon Paillard

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