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Re: Bug#518334: netselect-apt: Old non-us mirrors are causing bad results

[CCing debian-mirrors]

On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 08:50:59AM -0500, Jan Muszynski wrote:
> The list of mirrors that netselect-apt is pulling currently includes a lot of
> old non-us mirrors. This is causing the app to return bad results. For example
> I tried running netselect-apt using both testing and lenny as distro names. In
> each case the mirror that was returned was:
> http://debian.planetmirror.com/debian-non-US/
> This is a bad mirror. Removing that and the next one was also a non-us pointing
> mirror. Doing a global edit on mirrors_full to remove all the non-us sites res-
> olved the problem.

all non-us mirrors are "bad" in the sense that the don't carry current stable,
why don't remove them altogether from the mirror list?

poor-man' status of non-us mirrors as of today:

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