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Re: periodic downloads of /debian/ls-lR.gz

Simon Paillard (simon.paillard@resel.enst-bretagne.fr) wrote on 10 April 2009 20:21:
 >On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 07:24:22AM -0400, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
 >> I have noted that certain sites download /debian/ls-lR.gz over and over  
 >> again, every 3 or so minutes. The connection has no agent. Is there a  
 >> Debian utility or tool that does this, or is this just wasteful?

It is just wasteful, whether it's a debian tool or not...

 >I don't know any tool that use this file.
 >> Example:
 >> sysde.com - - [09/Apr/2009:06:37:14 -0400] "GET /debian/ls-lR.gz HTTP/1.1" 200 5186205 "-" "-"
 >Is there only one host requesting this file in your logs ?

Here there are a few. One of them is the sysde.com above.

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