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Re: More frequent dinstall runs and mirror pushes

Adeodato Simó un jour écrivit:
* Joerg Jaspert [Fri, 05 Dec 2008 00:31:22 +0100]:


as the subject says, we are planning to increase the frequency of
dinstall[1] runs. Our current plan is to have 4 runs a day, switching
From the current [07|19]:52 schedule to the new [01|07|13|19]:52
schedule. All times are in UTC.

Four rsync a day is probably very reasonnable for most mirrors. The few for which it is a problem probably already experience some issue with 2 updates a day.

Would it be bad to suggest a move to 0/6/12/18 UTC or something equally
sensible? The rationale is that these times ought to be more easily

  Are you talking about the 52 minutes pass the hour thing?

It is important for mirrors to reduce the chances of starting too many rsync at the same time and keep the load lower on the servers.

For example, I mirror about 50 projects, but if I used round hour with cron, at midnight I could potentially be running 50 rsync instances at the same time. Adding to that mirrors that rsync from me and scripts such as logcheck, IDS stuff, usage statistics and others and you have an overloaded server at least every midnight. It is an extreme case, but I guess you got the idea.

For a mirror dedicated to Debian, it probably won't make much difference, but most mirrors are hosting many projects.

And for your memory, just convince yourself that the updates are made 8 minutes later, which would be [02|08|14|20]:00 UTC. :o)

Simon Valiquette

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