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mirror script update / autoupdate feature?


if you already run the new scriptset, you want to update to the latest
version. :)
If you dont run the new scriptset (or something that otherwise fulfills
the minimum requirements), you want to switch now. :)

Beside that, something I wanted to discuss with other mirror admins

I am constantly changing and improving the scriptset. And certain
updates should reach all mirrors, as they have some nice and important
changes. But its a bit bad to always mail mirrors-announce, wait, ping
mirror admins that missed the mail / had been on holiday, etc.

How about an auto-update feature? That, at the end of the mirror run,
checks if a newer version exists and then installs it.

Could work like:

 - do the normal mirror run

 - look into project/ftpsync (to be created) if there is a version of
   the scriptset that is newer than the one in use.

 - If there is a newer one, check its (detached) PGP signature
   This has to match the Debian Archive Signing Key.

 - If the signature is valid, unpack the new script over the old one.

 - In case gnupg is not installed, do not check the signature and do not
   install the script, but write a mail to the configured MAILTO address
   (or its default), asking to investigate the situation. (Yes, that can
   currently mean 2 mails a day)

The autoupdate feature would default to "ask", meaning that it would not
install the files, just mail the admin. If its set to "yes" it would
install, "no" wouldn't even check. Preferred setting "yes". :)

To enable this, the mirror server needs to have gnupg installed, and the
mirror user needs the archive key imported to be able to check against.

bye, Joerg
<HE> Joerg knuddeln ist wie mit Skorpionen schlafen.

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