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Re: HOW TO use hook? (Re: New mirror scripts for Debian mirrors)

>  Humm....I'm testing new ftpsync script (from git). But I can not
> setup to use HOOKs. How to use them?  Isn't it possible to use
> scripts with some args for hook?

Right, it doesn't like arguments.

>  I hope to run a command with 2 args on HOOK1 (for example) as bellow:
> /home/ftpadm/bin/irc_notify.sh ${NAME} '1st stage start...'
> (${NAME} is defined in ftpsync script)
>  So, I set HOOK1 variable as bellow:
> HOOK1="/home/ftpadm/bin/irc_notify.sh ${NAME} '1st stage start...'"

>  It will cause error with bellow (${NAME} = ftp-sync-debian-jp):

Yep. Thats thanks to the way I wrote it, just haven't thought of
arguments as none of my hookscripts ever had the need of them.
But as it is easily fixable, it now accepts arguments too.

bye, Joerg
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