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excess secondary CD/DVD image downloading


A noticable number of people appear to be hoarding our CD/DVD images.
More importantly, my mirror server logs show that many people keep
downloading files past the first image. For example last month I've had 257
distinct IPs fetching first image files, and yet 95 were also fetching
second or later image files. 27% of people are supposed to have an actual
need for other images, even though they have such a quality Internet access
that they can download CD/DVD image files in the first place? That's really

This might be attributable to the fact that our warnings against
over-downloading appear at the end of the intro section on our web pages,
and some people will always skip over that, sadly.

Maybe we need HEADER.html files in all relevant debian-cd/ directories,
so that all mirror web servers can display the same warning?

Or even better - move the non-first images to a subdirectory everywhere.
That way, people would see more clearly that additional images are

(Please Cc: responses to -mirrors, I'm not subscribed to -cd.)

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