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mirror debian.tu-bs.de out of date

Dear list,

since 5 days I did not get any new list of packages from

So today I investigated this issue and found [1] and [2], which shows
that the mirror has not been update since July 16th.

As a workaround I added ftp.de.debian.org to my sources list.

My questions are the following.

1. Is there a feature in apt (aptitude/apt-get) which notifies the user,
if a the respective mirror has not been updated for some time? Would it
be useful to file a wishlist bug?

2. Is there a protocol a user should follow, if he notices, that a
mirror has not been updated? Is there a special list or a standard
e-mail-address to contact?

3. Is this written down somewhere, e. g. wiki.debian.org?

4. To avoid such scenarios, is it recommended to have always to package
mirrors listed in sources.list?

Thanks a lot,


PS: Please CC me, as I am not subscribed to this list.

[1] http://mirror.debian.org/debian.tu-bs.de.html#sect_main
[2] http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today/

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