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Re: problem of mirror or rsync ?

Leonardo Boselli wrote:
I had to split the mirror into two disk due the huge growing in size of archives. I tried putting pool/non-free on a separate disk but got a lot of such errors:

rsync: link
"/var/ftp/pub/linux/debian/pool/non-free/o/openc++/openc++_2.8.orig.tar.gz" => main/o/openc++/openc++_2.8.orig.tar.gz failed: Invalid cross-device link (18)
rsync: link
ee_1.8.5.orig.tar.gz" => main/a/automake1.8/automake1.8_1.8.5.orig.tar.gz
failed: Invalid cross-device link (18)

Can mirors be splitted into more volumes?
incidentally of i split not a section, but a subsection such pool/main/o
i do not get such errors.
Second question: why the same file can be simulteneously free and non-free ?

I solved the very same problem by joining disks in a LVM volume. Back then there was no way to make rsync preserve symbolic links across two file systems. Perhaps that has changed, I don't know.


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