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Re: some changes in anonftpsync

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:50:20AM +0100, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> The umask in anonftpsync is being set on two places - in "if" block when
> creating {TO}/project/trace and after changing to $HOME (is this really
> needed)

You're right, I'm moving that little check below.

> Many used experessions are still unquoted, I have quoted them but I left
> some I expect not to be potential source of problems 

I've fixed some of this in the latest revision actually, the other day...
you've got several issues there - whether we can reasonably expect people to
not quote MAILTO which isn't set up by default - that's a rather realistic
one, and it's fixed already, whether we can reasonably expect people to
remove other random variables completely and not quote them, and various
odd things like using spaces in file names but not quoting them. I'm not
convinced that all of these situations are all worth preventing :)

> The LOGFILE could be based on RSYNC_DIR so the same file can be used for
> mirrorring of more directories (e.g. debian and debian-volatile)

This leaves the log file in a publically readable place, which people might
not want, so I'd leave it as an option...

> I think that savelog should be called BEFORE sync is done, to have
> one more logfile available and log from last run in $LOGFILE, not

This would be another change to the style, which people could be used to
(they could have checking scripts parsing the log.0), so I'd leave it alone.

> - what should grep '[r]'sync do except searching for "rsync" ?

It does the same as 'grep rsync', but it will prevent matching *itself*
in the ps output. Oldest trick in the book, really :)

> -RSYNC_DIR=debian/
> +RSYNC_DIR=debian

This might be problematic with rsync semantics, which is why it has the
slash, but I don't recall. Someone should test :)

Josip Rodin

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