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Re: Proper way to mirror


On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 08:41:40AM +0200, Clifford W. Hansen wrote:
> I'm currently running a mirror for my office (If we had bandwith we would open 
> it), and am wondering :

> which is the prefered/best way to mirror and 

> which is the best source

You can user netselect-apt, which uses the same method as a mtr to each
of the mirrors.

> (All the mirrors that are close seem to be old)?

Please report against the virtual package 'mirrors' the mirror you found
to be old.

> We were using apt-mirror but then this started failing and we changed over to 
> debmirror.
> Dists: etch

Actually, there is no proper way to select specific distributions apart
from debmirror, since rsync doesn't handle this.

What you can do also is using a proxy instead (with plain apache for
example, apt-proxy and others seem to have some issues), so that you
don't waste any bandwidth.

> PS. I am going to change over to rsync later today and test that, needed to 
> open FW ports...

Definitely rsync would be more efficient than http, but you would still
have to use debmirror over rsync if you want to mirror only packages
for a given dist.

I hope it answers to your question.

Best regards,

Simon Paillard

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