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Re: mirrors backlog sieving: cstatus

On Sun, Feb 18, 2007 at 02:41:01PM +0100, Bernhard Stoeckner wrote:
> Did some sorting through the chunck assigned to me.
>  all messages = 433
>  spam = 58
>  bugtrack new mirror = 18 (+ marked done = 20)
>  other bugtrack messages = 163
>  other various = 163
> Will process it over the next week on my way to work and post updates as 
> events warrant.

I should mention that I just finished the submission part of my third of
the backlog. My third was the oldest one, so results are a bit worse, as
more sites went into decay over time.

Of the 183 messages that passed through the submission script, 111 were
generally valid (non-spam), 13 were genuine new mirrors, a handful were
updates to the entries that existed before or exist now, four mirrors
are in limbo because I couldn't reach them, and a few more were mirrors
that ceased to exist in the meantime.

On related note, while crawling through history, I also did 13 restorations
of mirrors that were previously listed, broken, and then fixed again.
There were also several sites that I didn't restore because they went dead
or are still broken.

I sent some more mail to people about that, as well as other things, so this
is not a conclusive result.

And obviously there's the remaining 249 messages, of which most are still
unread (but also many are spam :). I'll be going through that over the next
few ... time units :)

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