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ftp.debian.org == saens *fixed*

Saens == ftp.debian.org is now fixed, and should be updated soon.

Don't knwo whether dropping amd64 would be a good idea or not.
Anyway, ftp.debian.org should not be a reference for users in my opinion
(otherwise, doing GeoDNS on it could be a solution)


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Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 13:47:09 -0600
From: James Troup via RT <admin@rt.debian.org>
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To: simon.paillard@resel.enst-bretagne.fr
Subject: [rt.debian.org #129] Debian RT: ftp.debian.org == saens not updating 

On Fri Jul 20 16:26:26 2007, simon.paillard@resel.enst-bretagne.fr wrote:
> Hello,
> Once again, nicely reported by Ricardo :
> is three days behind !

It's now fixed again.  Sorry for the delay.

> Could something reliable be done on saens to avoid such issues ?

The machine is running out of space, can't fit any more drives, doesn't
have a local admin readily available to do a disk swap on-site and the
machine's sponsor/donor was unwilling or unable to provide new drives
last time I asked.  We're looking at alternative places to put a new
ftp.debian.org, but it's not as trivial as you make it sound I'm afraid.


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Simon Paillard

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