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Re: ftp.xx.debian.org

> On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 11:44:33PM -0400, Max Ramirez wrote:
>> In the official mirror of Chile, the administrator recently open a
>> forum, but the browser doesn't allow to type directly
>> ftp.cl.debian.org/Foro, instead we have to type
>> http://ftp.cl.debian.org/Foro, which is a little uncomfortable.
> $ host ftp.cl.debian.org
> ftp.cl.debian.org is an alias for debian.ciencias.uchile.cl
> => type debian.ciencias.uchile.cl/Foro/ :)
>> Why, if debian is distributed by http, ftp and rsync, we mantain the
>> same notation to refeer us to a mirror? Doesn't the correct notation
>> should be xx.debian.org?
> That is a good question. The obvious reason of such a name is
> historical, but maybe something like XX.mirror.debian.org would be
> better.

I would like to second this motion. A lot of official mirrors do
acknowledge their sponsors in their front http page, and most ftp.XX.d.o
hits usually go to fancy indexing instead. You could argue a nice
acknowledgment could easily be set up through indexing as well, but still
ftp.XX seems quite unnatural at this point, specially for newcomers to

I like the shorter suggestion best, XX.debian.org, because, well, it's
shorter, easier to remember, although either would be better than ftp.XX.

> However that is mandatory to not drop the old name scheme, for
> compatibility reasons.

Certainly, gradually moving to another more sensible scheme doesn't mean
the old scheme needs to be dropped immediately. They could coexist until
the old goes to complete oblivion.


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