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Re: mirror submit, bad cgi?

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 09:12:07AM -0400, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
> I made an update and got the output below, which seems to imply nothing
> was really submitted. The trace is clearly there,
> http://ftp.cl.debian.org/debian/project/trace/
> Site: ftp.cl.debian.org
> Security-http: /debian-security/
> A proper project/trace directory was not found on the HTTP server.
> The error message returned was: 404 Not Found

Oh, that explains it. It was checking for project/trace/something underneath
debian-security/, not debian/.

And while at it, it was checking for the wrong (or outdated) file name - the
file is now called "security-master.debian.org", and it was looking for

I've fixed that and clarified the error message a bit, thanks.

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