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Re: Processed: Bug#418427: debian-installer and outdated mirrors

(Please CC the maintainers of a package when you reassign BRs to them!)

On Friday 22 June 2007 22:27, Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> reassign 418427 debian-installer

> The debian mirror ftp.iitm.ac.in has been fixed a while ago.
> Anyway, given that the status of mirrors may evolve with the time (and
> may be not fixable), something in the debian-installer to check the
> status would be great.

No, debian-installer needs to be able to work irrespective of the state of 
specific mirrors because otherwise the installer would always need to be 
rebuilt _after_ a release has already happened, which is not acceptable.

We have already applied a fix (#422442) in the installer that when 
installing from CD, it will always install the codename that is on the CD 
instead of installing the suite corresponding to that codename.
So, if you install an Etch CD, you will get Etch, even if the mirror still 
lists Etch as "testing".

See also #418382, which would make selecting a release for non-CD based 
installs a bit more clear.

Closing this report as there is nothing further that can be done about 
this in the installer and the issue reported originally was resolved.


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