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Re: Mirroring Problem ?

Hi Kerem,

(The proper list is debian-mirrors)

On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 08:58:11AM +0300, Kerem Titiz wrote:
> Already build my debmirror server with rsync, with this archs. i386 adm sparch ia64, and mirroring is done,

On http://www.debian.org/mirrors/ftpmirror we recommand the use of
anonftpsync, a script that updates your mirror in a atomic way, so that
the mirror is available to users even during the update.
That is just a remind in case of you don't use it already :)

> and submitting in http://www.debian.org/mirror/submit site, result is below
> already i have project/trace directory on my site
> http://debian.eso-es.net/
> Site: debian.eso-es.net
> Type: leaf
> Archive-http: /
> CDImage-http: /

I think there should be no CDImage-http field here.

> A proper project/trace directory was not found on the HTTP server.
> The error message returned was: 404 Not Found

Strange, since all the required files are present in your trace
You can check your server logs to see which files the cgi is looking

I'm CCing Joy that takes care of that cgi script.

Best regards,

Simon Paillard

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