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Re: Rsync

Thanks, for all your answers guys,
i know i should have checked the rsync manual,
but I would rather get a 100% sure answer from one of you.
This is my current script:
rsync -avt \
  --exclude=alpha/ \
  --exclude=arm/ \
  --exclude=hppa/ \
  --exclude=hurd/ \
  --exclude=ia64/ \
  --exclude=m68k/ \
  --exclude=mips/ \
  --exclude=mipsel/ \
  --exclude=multi-arch/ \
  --exclude=powerpc/ \
  --exclude=s390/ \
  --exclude=sh/ \
  --exclude=sparc/ \
  --exclude=source/ \
  ftp.de.debian.org::debian-cd/ * /var/www/mirror/debian-cd/
(i know loads of excludes for now... will include more distros soon)
from the rsync manual
--del                   an alias for --delete-during
--delete                delete extraneous files from dest dirs
--delete-before         receiver deletes before transfer (default)
--delete-during         receiver deletes during xfer, not before
--delete-after          receiver deletes after transfer, not before
--delete-excluded       also delete excluded files from dest dirs
which delete would you suggest I use?
Thanks again,
John (ac3bf1)


On 5/25/07, Olleg Samoylov <olleg@mipt.ru> wrote:
Jonathan (ac3bf1) wrote:
> Sorry for the banal question...

My favourite keys for 1 stage rsync:

rsync --verbose --recursive --links --hard-links --times --filter='R
.~tmp~/' --delete-after --delay-updates "$source_url" "$destination"
Olleg Samoylov

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