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mirrors in ftp.ipv6.debian.org that are missing


We need to dismantle the ftp.ipv6.debian.org alias, so here's the checklist,
if anyone on the mailing list has any information or knows how to find it,
please say:

* 3ffe:8171:10:16::5 and 3ffe:1001:210:16::5 are unroutable

The address space seems to be assigned, as WHOIS returns:

inet6num:     3FFE:8170::/28
netname:      EDISONTEL
descr:        pTLA delegation for the 6bone
country:      IT

inet6num:     3FFE:1000::/24
netname:      TILAB
descr:        pTLA delegation for the 6bone
              TILAB (Telecom Italia Lab) is the new company that replaces CSELT
country:      IT

I'm not sure what a pTLA is, but the said blocks are huge, so this is
probably not relevant.

Does anyone remember which mirrors were these two?

* 2001:718:1:1:2d0:b7ff:fe46:fbb8 is 'host unreachable'

inet6num:       2001:0718:0001::/48
netname:        CESNET-6TCZ
descr:          CESNET, z.s.p.o.
descr:          Prague 6
country:        CZ

Our registered (IPv4) mirrors in CESNET don't seem to have that address,
only the official one does:

% host -t aaaa ftp.debian.cz
ftp.debian.cz           CNAME   debiancz.debian.cz
debiancz.debian.cz      AAAA    2001:718:1:4:0:0:0:2

And I can reach it. Is this it?

* 2001:760:202:103::4 also returns host unreachable

inet6num:       2001:0760::/32
netname:        IT-GARR-20011004
descr:          GARR Italian Academic and Research Network
country:        IT

Of the registered Italian mirrors, only these two have IPv6 addresses:

% host -t aaaa ftp.it.debian.org
ftp.it.debian.org       CNAME   ftp.bofh.it
ftp.bofh.it             AAAA    2001:1418:13:1:0:0:0:5
% host -t aaaa ftp.eutelia.it        
ftp.eutelia.it          AAAA    2001:750:2:3:0:0:0:11

They're not the same, even though 750 is close to 760 :)

The GARR mirror in the list, mi.mirrors.garr.it, doesn't have an AAAA
record. ftp.unina.it which I know is connected via GARR is also missing it.

* 2001:770:18:2::1:1 is also dead

inet6num:     2001:0770:0018::/48
netname:      HEANET-NOC6
descr:        HEAnet Network Operations Centre
country:      IE

This sounds like...

% host -t aaaa ftp.ie.debian.org
ftp.ie.debian.org       CNAME   debian.heanet.ie
debian.heanet.ie        AAAA    2001:770:18:AA40:0:0:C101:C141


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