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ftp.cl.debian.org damaged due to power failure

Two of the three disks that are part of the logical volume that holds
/debian got severely damaged on Thursday due to a major power failure in
the vicinity of campus. The server seems to not have been properly

Thursday was "Young Combatant's Day", which traditionally results in
isolated street protests and barricades, during the night, in the parts of
Santiago that resisted and fought the Pinochet dictatorship strongest. A
day to celebrate to some, a disgrace to others.

This year the anger of people focused on a newly introduced transportation
system (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transantiago), which is heaven in
paper, a nightmare in practice, especially for the less fortunate (which
are a lot), and resulted in severe and massive protests that made
headlines around the world. Protesters usually throw chains to power lines
to produce outages to hide or escape from the well-organized riot police
that throw gas bombs and shoot rubber bullets when in a good mood.

Anyway, we are assessing the damage and discussing solutions.

Ricardo Yanez

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