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Re: [New mirror] mirror.nttu.edu.tw *added*

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 08:37:26PM +0800, Wolf Dreamer wrote:
> Hostname(s): mirror.nttu.edu.tw
> Maintainer: DreamerC (Shan-Bin Chen) dreamerwolf.tw@gmail.com
> Mirroring from: ftp.tw.debian.org
> Location: Tai-Tung, Taiwan
> debian
> http: yes
> ftp: yes
> rsync: testing

Thanks for mirroring Debian.

I've just added your mirror the the list. For the moment, the rsync
access item is commented. If you plan to make it publicaly available,
please let us know, we will enable it in the list.

Best regards, 

Simon Paillard

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