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Keep on cleaning Mirrors.masterlist


Today have been removed the mirrors that are of ouf date. I had to check
manually the date of dists/unstable/ since project/trace reports false
out of date mirrors when incorrect scripts are used.

Have been removed :
-Site: toxo.com.uvigo.es
-Site: ftp.is.co.za
-Site: debian.experimentos.cl
-Site: debian.teleglobe.net
-Site: linorg.usp.br
-Site: mirror.averse.net
-Site: debian.goldweb.com.au
-Site: debian.2z.net
-Site: mirrors.geeks.org
-Site: jane.uab.es
-Site: ftp.cica.es
-Site: mirror.vmmatrix.net

As you can see, reply-to is set to the list.

In order to have a reliable set of mirrors for Etch, sending a global
email to all mirrors admins (even the ones not subscribed to
debian-mirrors-announce) could give positive feedback.

I prepared a draft and would be happy to hear your comments:


Simon Paillard

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