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DebConf6 Video Streaming "Mirrors" wanted

[This is a mail to multiple lists, please only reply to
video@debconf.org, thanks. (Headers should be set for it).]

Dear Mirror-Admin,

we are looking for servers around the world for the streaming video
service of this years DebConf6 in Mexico, where we will (try to) provide
live streaming of the Talks, Workshops and probably various other
occurences. For this we need your help, to have enough bandwidth
available, as we do not know yet how many people will use this
service. Its the first time we do live streaming from a Debian

We will use icecast2 for the streaming, using ogg theora as codecs,
streaming in low resolution, and will provide a suitable configuration for
Debian systems (packages for sarge plus config files/help), to make
providing a streaming mirror as easy as possible. The needed information
will be mailed to all participating mirror admins, as soon as we have a
final, working and tested configuration available.

The technical setup will look similar to the following:

We will have one streaming server in Mexico, which will stream to one
machine in the net with decent bandwith. From there
(it will be named master.video.debconf.org) all servers will get their
feed and serve all the clients.
The clients will connect to video.debconf.org *or* one of the
geographical subdomains, eu.video.debconf.org, us.video.debconf.org,
asia.video.debconf.org. We will use DNS RoundRobin to split the load
between all participating machines.

If you want to help us with your bandwidth please sent the following
information to video@debconf.org:

  - The IP of the server

  - How much bandwith you have available

  - The location of it.

  - the email-address and the name of the person responsible for
    installing software on the machine, ie. our contact for the setup

  - If you are in the US and have a fat pipe: Would you be willing to
    play the master that serves the other servers?
    (We have one offer, but thats in .eu, so it would make a bit more
    sense using on near to Mexico for the master machine. :) )

We only need the streaming servers from may 10th til the 22nd of may,
after that the files will be available in multiple resolutions for
download at http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2006/debconf6/

Thank you for your help!

bye Joerg
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