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Mirror reorg - how to deal with that in Debian Installer


For Debian Installer we're getting closer [1] to the point where we could 
do a Beta release including installation of AMD64 from the main archive.

For the next release we should also like to include an updated list of 
mirrors to choose from for network based installations.
This list is part of the choose-mirror udeb and has so far been based on 
the Mirrors.masterlist, which is retrieved from CVS at build time and 
remains static for the lifetime of a D-I release.

AFAICT the Mirrors.masterlist has not yet been updated to reflect the new 
- Are there plans to do update the Mirrors.masterlist?
- It so, when can an updated list be expected?
- If Mirrors.masterlist is deprecated, what other source can we use to
  obtain a current list of mirrors, the protocols they support and the
  architectures/suites they carry?

A related question is that the d-i home page [2] used to link to 
ftp.debian.org for "other" d-i images [3]. Because ftp.debian.org no 
longer carries all architectures, we can no longer use that hostname. For 
the time being we've switched to ftp.nl.debian.org as that is a known 
reliable mirror that does carry all architectures.

What would be the preferred location to link to in the new situation? 
Linking to a "random" country mirror seems suboptimal. An official Debian 
host would be more logical.

Frans Pop

[1] The main blocker currently is the lack of kernel udebs (and some 
others) in testing for AMD64 which also prevents the D-I Beta 2 release 
from being built. This is being worked on though.
[2] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer
[3] Like floppy and netboot images, for example:

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