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New machine for ftp.es.debian.org.

	Hello, thanks to Hostalia Internet S.L., a Spanish ISP 
(http://www.hostalia.com) I have a new shiny server ready to act as 
ftp.es.debian.org.  It is a dual Opteron running sarge amd64, connected to 
100 Mbps, in the Spanish NIX (EspaNIX), it has hardware RAID 0 and 400 GB for 
storing nice .debs.  Bandwidth and hosting are donated by Hostalia.  Its 
address is http://ulises.hostalia.com.

	The server is operated by ADE (Asociación Debian España - Spanish Debian 
Association), http://www.debian.org.es.

	It has currently the full Debian archive, available by HTTP, FTP and rsync.  
It has also MRTG running.

	Please respond with details, if any.

	Best regards,

Network engineer
Debian Developer

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