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Re: "typicalsync" script

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Hi all,
> The attached script can be pointed at an existing (full) mirror to create
> a "typical" (or split) mirror like that now served by ftp.debian.org. It
> uses the indices/files/typical.list to work out what to mirror, which
> includes all of sarge, and also i386, amd64, all debs and all sources.
> I think it's reasonably safe to use even in the event of a compromised
> upstream mirror, but... Well, take care before using it.
> It works for both local mirrors (by hardlinking) and remote mirrors (by
> using rsync), with an extra parse to delete unwanted files (unfortunately
> rsync's --files-from option can't handle that directly).


First of all, thanks for the script.

Currently I use a slightly modified version of the anonftpsync script to
generate a local mirror of i386, ia64 and SPARC, and a slightly modified
version of the sync-debian-amd64.sh to generate a local mirror of the
amd64 arch.

How would I go about mirroring just the above archs without pulling all
the extra dunnage that we don't need now that the mirror layouts have
changed?  Can this be done easily with typicalsync?

Please excuse my ignorance here - I am not a perl hacker...


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