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Re: official British mirror down for repairs


This is just to let everyone know that the services ftp.uk.debian.org and
www.uk.debian.org have been restored.

There have been several kind offers for assistance, and we appreciate them
all. In the end, ukdebian.mirror.anlx.net was chosen to carry the burden
until a more permanent solution is implemented. Thanks go to Theo
Zourzouvillys of Associated Networks Ltd.

I'd just like to mention one more thing -- if you have a mirror and don't
mind some public exposure to it, fill out a little form at
and it'll show up at the mirror list. All right, it's not a little form,
it's a scary bunch of incomprehensible fields :) But still, it should only
take you a few minutes, and it'll potentially help a lot of Debian users.

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