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More pointless bumpy graphs :-)

Hi everyone,

 some activity for this list.  http://ftp-master.debian.org/~mmagallo/
 contains all the graphs regarding the archive size generated from the
 data I've been collecting during the past six months or so.  The most
 interesting for the people in this list is the one depicting the total
 size of the archive.  From the look of it, the archive is doubling its
 size every 12 months or so, so plan head for about 52 gigabytes of disk
 space for the whole mirror arround mid 2002.  This is only a gross
 guess, since the archive doesn't actually exhibit exponential growth.
 According to this data it's more likely linear or logarithmic.  If the
 behaviour is linear, one should expect the archive to contain arround
 80 GB of data by mid 2003 (vs. 100 GB for exponential behaviour).

 The other graphs are interesting for people mirroring specific



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