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probably no updates today + some other information

Hello everyone, all 1518 of you :)

There will most likely not be a mirror pulse today, because Ben Collins is
going to be making some hardware changes to the ftp-master server. This
means that there won't be any changes to the debian/ tree on the mirrors
today. It's nothing to worry about, as the mirroring will resume shortly
after, once the machine is back on line. You shouldn't have to do anything
about this, but I wanted to let you know just in case anyone wonders what's

It's been a while since anything was posted here. There have been
intermittent problems with the mirror infrastructure over the last year or
so, but we haven't kept the list up to date with that, thinking nobody will
mind a few glitches. This may change in the future. We have also failed to
inform you using this list that the mirroring system was going through a
gradual restructuring using the pool; I apologize for that ommission, the
announcements were made on different lists. For more information please see

Also, some general background information: for a while now, I've been one of
the active people at mirrors@debian.org. Let me remind everyone that this
address can be used to report any kinds of issues with the Debian mirroring
system. Please tell us about the problems which you are experiencing; we
can't know what's wrong at each of our three or four hundred mirrors. You
can also file a bug in the Debian bug tracking system (http://bugs.debian.org/)
by using the "mirrors" pseudo-package.

We've got pretty useful web pages at:


I encourage everyone interested in mirroring to check up on those every
once in a while. The mirror lists linked from there are updated fairly
regularly, too.

Thank you for listening...

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