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Archive size


 this is certainly of interest to mirror maintainers, as it might help
 planning future upgrades and/or space requirements of the Debian

 I have been collecting data about the archive size on a daily basis
 since a little over than a month ago and I have summarized it on a
 graphic[0].  I'm not really sure what that big jump at the beginning of
 July is, but I think it has to do with the S/390 or the HP PA-RISC
 ports.  In about 45 days the archive has grown four GB in size.  This
 is the lower limit for the ammout of that a mirror had to transfer in
 that period of time, as this data only represents the change in size.
 A situation where a 1 MB .deb is replaced with a different 1 MB .deb is
 possible, but not usual, if I understand the pool dynamics correctly.
 I suspect pools are also responsible for those cases where the archive
 size decreases (the version in testing is deleted, or the archs get in
 sync removing the need for multiple versions of sources)

 Once we are deep into the freeze, the total size will increase some
 more at a similar rate (that is, if previous experience serves as a
 predictor), but I don't actually expect this rate of growth to be the
 norm, as I don't recall the archive being 5 GB large arround January
 this year *g*

 (I was actually interested in the question: how fast does the archive
 size double? but answering that will take some more time)

[0] http://auric.debian.org/~mmagallo/archive-size.png

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