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Pending Release

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up, we are going to have a slink release very shortly. There
will be a formal announcement on debian-anouce when this happens.

The current plan is to keep hamm in place for about 4 days and then erase
it from the master archive servers. It will be moved to a public host
called archive.debian.org which is mirror by a handfull of people already.

If you wish to keep a copy of hamm available on your site please move it
now. I recommend using your mirror software to exclude debian/hamm/* and
simply moving that directory to debian-archive/dists/hamm. After we have
officially moved it from our site I will be updating the package index
files on archive.debian.org so that the old hamm archive is properly
accessible and will make another announcement here when that happens.

As of two days ago slink no longer has any symlinks into hamm which means
you can all safely remove hamm from your mirrors. As of today the entire
debian archive is 9.0G in size, hamm is approximately 2G


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