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Discontinuing rsync service on archive.debian.org


Debian mirrors currently serve archive.debian.org via both HTTP and
rsync. As part of improving the reliability of the service for users,
the Debian mirrors team is separating the access methods to different
host names:

- http://archive.debian.org/ will remain the entry point for HTTP
clients such as APT

- rsync://rsync.archive.debian.org/debian-archive/ is now available for
those who wish to mirror all or parts of the archives.

rsync service on archive.debian.org will stop in the near future
(possibly around the 23rd of this month), and we encourage anyone using
it to migrate to the new host name as soon as possible.

If you are currently rsyncing debian-archive from a debian.org server
that forms part of the archive.debian.org rotation, we also encourage
you to move to using the new service name. This will allow us to better
manage which back-end servers offer rsync service in future.

Note that due to its nature the content of archive.debian.org does not
change frequently - generally there will be several months, possibly
more than a year, between updates - so checking for updates more than
once a day is unnecessary.


for the Debian mirrors team

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