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New ftpsync version 20170920

Hello mirror operators

We recently release ftpsync 20170920. You can find it on a Debian mirror
near you.

It includes a lot of changes since the last release.  Notable ones are:

* Add ftpsync-cron script.
  This script can be used on mirrors running via cron.  It uses http to
  check the archive state before running a complete sync.  This means it
  can be run every 30 minutes without doing much load on the upstream

* Add several mirror information to trace file.
  We added some new config options with mirror information like
  maintainer addresses.  See ftpsync.conf.sample for a full set.  We may
  use them in the future to update our mirror list automatically.

* Set default MAILTO to the current user.
  In the past the default user to get error mails was root.  As we found
  out a lot of admins never got such mails because of that.  If you
  relied on the old default of "root", you must change your config.


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