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Imminent Jessie release, ftpsync update (Debian mirrors)


Jessie release

As you are probably already aware of, Debian 8.0 "jessie", is just a few 
hours away from becoming the next stable release. This is a heads up in case 
you were not aware of, as there is probably going to be a higher load on the 

Disk space

Contrary to the previous releases, the archive still contains the files for 
Debian squeeze (now "oldoldstable"). At this point there should be no 
difference compared to the past weeks, but you should expect the disk space 
usage to increase in the upcoming weeks due to the opening of the 
development of the next stable release: Debian stretch.

ftpsync update

A new version, 20150425, has just been released and should soon be available  
at the project/ftpsync/ directory of your mirror. Please upgrade your 
installation as soon as possible. Key changes include:

* BASEDIR now defaults to the directory where ftpsync is installed. It used 
to default to $HOME of the user running ftpsync.
* multiple bug fixes in the handling of log files, mail notifications, and 
statistics generation
* proper reporting of the ppc64el and arm64 architectures, if they are 

ftpsync is an important stone of the mirrors network, please use it and keep 
it up to date. Users will appreciate your effort and contributions.

Thanks again for contributing to Debian!

On behalf of the mirrors team,
Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer

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