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New architectures: arm64 and ppc64el

Hello mirror admins,

There are 2 new architectures showing up in Debian: arm64 and ppc64el.

The structure for both is already in place since a few days, and the first
binary packages have been uploaded.

In case your mirror is low on disk space or you otherwise do not run a
full mirror, you should add them to your exclude list.
Add one or both of "arm64" "ppc64el" (without "") to the ARCH_EXCLUDE statement
in your ftpsync.conf.

Note that you won't see a huge disk space hit with this initial
pushes: arm64 is 850MB and ppc64el is 410MB for the moment.
We are building it all from scratch, so the space requirement will slowly grow
up to be the same as one of the existing architectures.

For more information about the mirrors and the mirrors sizes, please
take a look at the following links:


For more information about the ports, please have a look at:

Thanks for mirroring Debian and best regards.

Simon Paillard
for the Debian mirror team

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