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New ftpsync version (Debian mirrors)


A new version of ftpsync, 20130501, has been released and is available at 
the project/ftpsync/ directory of your mirror. Upgrading now will help a 
smooth delivery of Debian Wheezy and the other releases.

Please update as soon as possible.

The changes in this release include:
* Fix for email notifications
* Avoid spurious shell file name expansion
* For cron-based mirrors: if your upstream mirror is syncing at the time you
  sync, the operation will be re-done so that your mirror is not left in an
  inconsistent state.
* rsync's --delete-delay option is used if supported. It reduces the run
  time and avoids other operations.
* The trace file is now updated atomically
* The sample config file has been updated with the default values in use by 
  the script.

Thanks again for contributing to Debian!

For the Debian mirrors team,
Raphael Geissert

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