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Sarge archived, archive.debian.org mirroring


some of you already noticed, a few days ago the directory dists/sarge
was deleted from the Debian mirrors. This was intentional, as the sarge
release had is end-of-life some time ago and is now moved to

You won't see a big drop in the space usage, as we are not deleting all
files belonging to sarge at once. That way we want to keep the maximum
number of files to delete during one mirror sync run low enough to not
trigger usual limits. (For example the Debian internal mirrors stop
deleting files if more than 40.000 files would disappear). For that
reason the whole deletion of sarge will take a few more days.

If you mirror archive.debian.org you want to make sure that your rsync
call *does* include the -H parameter, to make sure you correctly mirror
hardlinks. You will save about 30GB of space with that.

Please also note that the archive.debian.org layout changed, as we no
longer archive main debian releases, but additionally put other archives
that are *very* close there. (Basically archives that run on .debian.org
infrastructure or are expected to be there *soon*).

bye, Joerg
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