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Debian mirrors - ftp-master downtime, new official mirrors


(This mail wasn't supposed to begin with bad news, but...)

There are currently no updates being done to the /debian/ archives because
our top-level internal machine, ftp-master.debian.org, is down due to a
hardware failure. Updates will resume as soon as the poor thing is back

And now for all the good news that's been piling up over the last month.

The official mirror for Japan, ftp.jp.debian.org, is now served by the
smart DNS round-robin cdn.debian.or.jp, which implements an addition of
seven back-end sites, including three mirrors by gfd-dennou.org, 
debian.topstudio.co.jp, www.oyu-net.jp, hanzubon.jp, ftp2.jp.debian.org,
all combined with the previous sole carrier, ftp.nara.wide.ad.jp.

The official mirror rotation for the United States, ftp.us.debian.org,
is now composed of two more sites, one each from mirrors.kernel.org and
debian.osuosl.org, so it should better handle the load.

After almost seven years, the Canadian official mirror ftp.ca.debian.org
is back, now composed of four fine mirrors - gulus.usherbrooke.ca,
debian.mirror.iweb.ca, ftp3.nrc.ca, debian.mirror.rafal.ca.
We encourage the users to give ftp.ca.debian.org a try.

The Estonian official mirror ftp.ee.debian.org got switched from
ftp.linux.ee to ftp.aso.ee.

Our thanks go to all these mirror maintainers who work to ensure a
quality service to our users. The full list of acknowledgements is at:

There are now a total of 396 various Debian mirror sites in our list.
We recently added the volatile.debian.org mirrors which helped the
growth, too. We're hoping to start doing something about
security.debian.org mirrors as well.

And now the usual reminder section, with some updates:

* debian-non-US has been obsolete since Debian 3.1, which was in 2005 - if
  you don't carry the old release archive (archive.debian.org stuff) and
  if you don't have local users who can't update their sources.list -
  please remove it completely, it's not useful any more.
  We're monitoring for changes in this regard at

* To avoid having your mirror break for the users during its updates
  because it mirrors Packages files before all the .deb files are in place,
  please use an up-to-date version of our trusty old anonftpsync script
  which was updated for this in 2005.
  We've managed to verify that all but a couple of official mirror sites
  are fine with regard to this; if you know a site which isn't, point them
  to http://www.debian.org/mirror/anonftpsync

* The discussion list for mirror issues is debian-mirrors@lists.d.o
  For more information see http://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors/

Josip Rodin

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