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Re: archive.progeny.com decomissioned, Oct 22nd

Joey Hess wrote:
> I've been told by the progeny admins that this significant mirror will
> be decomissioned at 22:00 EDT on Sunday, October 22nd (02:00 UTC on
> Monday, October 23rd). It's already stopped getting updates.
> I think that a lot of leaf mirrors currently mirror from
> archive.progeny.com, so if you run such a mirror, you should change it
> to mirror from one of the other primary mirrors.
> Elmo is removing it from the ftp.us.debian.org rotation.

ftp.cl.debian.org was one of the mirrors syncronizing with
archive.progeny.com. We chose that mirror for our sincronizations based
on download speed. Unfortunately, the second best choice is not good
enough. From Chile the fastest connection is to the US (all roads lead
to Rome).

We are asking the university that hosts the mirror to increase the
bandwidth so that we are able to syncronize. Meanwhile we are being
force to stop syncronizations.

Please bear with us a bit. We are working on solutions.

Ricardo Yanez
maintainer of ftp.cl.debia.org

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