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Re: Update luajit to git master version


On 3/8/21 11:05 AM, YunQiang Su wrote:
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> 于2021年3月8日周一 下午5:57写道:

Hello YunQiang!

On 3/8/21 10:50 AM, YunQiang Su wrote:
I upload the cur exp version to unstable with 2 days delay.

That's probably not such a good idea at this point of the release.

You should better check back with the release team as we're in the middle
of a freeze.

OK, dcuted. and CC release team.

You Cc-ed the release list without a specific question, so that's not very clear. If you want to ask for an unblock, please file an unblock request as described in

However, if you are asking if it's a good idea to do an upload of luajit to unstable based on the current version in experimental, the answer is no.

Also, please note that your upload is still in the deferred queue, so if you tried to remove it, that must have failed somehow.



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