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Re: Future of Octeon MIPS hardware support

Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> 于2020年3月4日周三 上午9:24写道:
> The main Ethernet driver for all Octeon MIPS SoCs has been disabled
> upstream in Linux 5.5, and will be removed in 5.6.  The driver has been
> in "staging" (i.e. it didn't meet the usual standards for kernel code)
> ever since it was added in 2009.  It recently stopped building, and
> didn't have a regular maintainer who could fix it.  (There is a
> separate Ethernet driver for the management port, which seems to be
> still maintained.)
> The USB host driver for Octeon CN3xxx and CN5xxx SoCs will also be
> removed for similar reasons.
> * DSA: The removal of the Ethernet driver will affect the EdgeRouter
> Pro used for the Debian mips porterbox and some buildds.  These do not
> seem to have any expansion slots useful for alternate network
> interfaces, so they will likely need to be replaced before buster EOL.


There is a patchset for it.
Greg said that he will help to merge, while it has not really happen.
Let's ask for him whether he need some more info or anything.

> * MIPS porters: Given that these SoCs are designed primarily for
> networking and we will no longer support the on-board network
> interfaces, does it make sense to continue building kernel packages for
> them?
> Ben.
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> Ben Hutchings
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YunQiang Su

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