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Re: Can we boot from CD-ROM ISO for QEMU MIPS systems?

On 11/19/2019 10:49 PM, Jun Sun wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer, John.  I tried that before (btw. see my comments
> under "monkey-jsun" name at the end. ;0)
> The CD-ROM part does not work at all.  The net installer still goes out to
> the network and fetch the latest release and install.
> To prove my points, I ran with debian 10.2 net installer and mounted a
> debian 9.5 CD.  In the end it is the buster that gets installed.
> BTW, the main reason I asking for CD/DVD install is that, after a while old
> net installer are not available anymore.  And even if you dig them out from
> archive CD's, they don't work anymore (probably due to some bits not
> available online).  That prevents me from re-producing some old bits and
> potentially fixing some bugs there.  If anybody knows how to work around
> this, I'd appreciate it.

Note that if you use a netinstall cd, the new version will be fetched
from the internet; what happens if you use 'dvd1' instead?

John Doe

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