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Re: Golang 1.12 FTBFS on mipsel

YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com> 于2019年8月4日周日 下午4:10写道:
> CC debian-mips.
> I am trying ot fix a solution.

Now we face two problems:

failed to initialize build cache at
/sbuild-nonexistent/.cache/go-build: mkdir /sbuild-nonexistent:
permission denied

It is not the problem about mipsel only. it is about golang-1.12.
If we build golang-1.12 with golang-1.12, it always fails.
I tested it on amd64.



--- FAIL: TestExtraFiles (0.44s)
    exec_test.go:659: Run: exit status 1; stdout "leaked parent file.
fd = 5; want 4\n", stderr ""
FAIL os/exec 1.556s

Yes. it is about mipsel...
I will continue to work on it.

> --
> YunQiang Su

YunQiang Su

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